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Dominique Ansel’s innovative SoHo bakery, of cronut fame, has always been on my must-visit list, but with early morning lines that don’t ensure you’ll leave with pastry in-hand, I haven’t yet made the attempt. Thankfully, YumSugar has created a version the hottest new dessert trend-Ansel’s cookie shots. While ultimately easy, these initially proved tricky as, regardless of however much butter I […]


It’s been two years since Lena Dunham’s book deal (for a reported $3.6 million) was first announced. As the writer/director/producer/actress of HBO’s critically acclaimed Girls, a TV series strewn with witty, thoughtful dialogue that deconstructs struggles all too familiar with those of her generation (job hunting in a down economy, dating in a social media-obsessed […]


I open twice yearly  emails declaring Emerson Fry’s newest collection with a near feverish anticipation. While I’ve always admired the brand’s aesthetic, Fry seems to nail it more and more as each season passes with pieces that work in both a professional and casual setting- its Fall/Winter 2014 collection being its pinnacle. With my ever growing […]

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Daily sunscreen application is one of those rules often preached but commonly abandoned. Its resulting effects, while not immediately visible to the naked eye, can be drastic. Artist Thomas Leveritt took to the streets of Manhattan with a UV light to show passerby the underlying damage to their skin, and the resulting video is enough […]

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I’ve been abandoning this blog since mid April with no excuse other than the most overused exclamation of the century-“I’m busy!” I started a new position this past spring, yet having been longing to get back on this site with regularity. That being said, I promise to squeeze in more posts than the zilch of the […]

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Part of me embraces the increased communication that social media offers, yet I often wish for more one-on-one interaction rather than through a box that emits light. In this yearning for a more tactile nature of communication, I’m incredibly grateful to Rifle Paper Co., which I’ve developed a borderline obsession with (as seen by just some of […]

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Starbucks’ pumpkin scones were my kryptonite in college, when it wasn’t unusual for me to take two or three and demolish them in two days’ time. Thankfully I make much better food choices these days, but am also aided by the fact that either NYC stores do not sell the scones, or they can only be […]


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