Monthly Archives: November 2012

Website Love: Into The Gloss

Into The Gloss, the mecca of beauty-focused websites, founded by former Teen Vogue intern Emily Weiss, serves as the ultimate go to site for anyone even remotely interested in beauty. Reviews, tips, and interviews with industry experts are provided in a personalized (and incredibly aesthetically pleasing) format. My favorite feature of the site is “The […]

Artist to Watch: Garance Doré

French-born Garance Dore launched her now immensely successful fashion blog with text and illustration, rather than the typical photography-heavy posts of the street-style blogger. While continuing to feature her drawings, Dore’s blog now chronicles her fashion observations through the added mediums of photo and video. The popularity of these illustrations has allowed her to expand […]

Eco-Friendly Beauty

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle may seem unattainable, yet even the smallest efforts truly make a difference, including the beauty products you use. This site, which rates the health hazard level of  products (there are currently over 76,000 in its database), demonstrates the harmful nature of many currently on the market, proving the benefit of natural […]

Fragrance Oils

I’ve never been a big perfume fan, mostly associating them with the chemically scent found in mall department stores that puts you in a dizzying haze. A few years ago I came across Kai, a gardenia-scented fragrance oil that’s gentle and easy to control quantity-wise, leading me to discover a few other oils that tend […]

Think Pink

In a season that felt the reverberations of the atypical bright colors found in the spring collections, pink, a color typically associated with the season, cropped up throughout the fall collections. The universally flattering color was seen everywhere and in every shade, from nude to nearly red, with its approach varying  from the simple to […]

Givenchy, Audrey, and That Little Black Dress

I’m certainly a bit late to the party in discovering Audrey Hepburn at twenty-four. In reading Sam Wasson’s “Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.,” which offers a comprehensive behind the scenes look at the film adaptation of Truman Capote’s novella “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” I was taken by the politics governing Hepburn’s wardrobe choices in both that film […]

Model Profile: Karlie Kloss

The American supermodel had been a somewhat retired concept following their ‘90s heyday, when they secured their position in the upper echelon of pop culture. George Michael’s “Freedom” music video was an ode to the one-name wonders, as were the countless magazine covers that only celebrities are currently able to book. Twenty-year-old Karlie Kloss has […]