Artist to Watch: Yoann Lemoine

Mystery Jets: Dreaming of Another World

With music videos acting as a greater extension of the music itself, the concept of the video is a natural artistic mode of expression for the artists. Last year I was taken aback by Taylor Swift’s video for “Back to December,” which was quite a departure from the girlier, more youthful approach of her former videos. The video, directed by French artist Yoann Lemoine, showcased a neutral palate, vintage aesthetic, was relatively slow-paced, and centered on enhancing, rather than detracting from, the song itself.

Lemoine is relatively new to film direction, yet has found success in numerous artistic fields, including photography, illustration, Stop Motion, and recently, in his own singing and songwriting ventures with the band Woodkid. To date he has worked with Lana Del Rey, Moby, The Shoes, Katy Perry, Mystery Jets, Drake, and others, proving his ability to adapt given the different genres and subject matter utilized by the artists. The following are a few of my favorite stills from several of his works.

Confectionary Delight: Lemoine’s campaign for Lipton’s Green Tea & White Tea

From Lemoine’s own musical endeavor; Woodkid’s “Iron”

Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die”


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