Website Love: Into The Gloss

Piper Perabo’s beauty essentials.

Into The Gloss, the mecca of beauty-focused websites, founded by former Teen Vogue intern Emily Weiss, serves as the ultimate go to site for anyone even remotely interested in beauty. Reviews, tips, and interviews with industry experts are provided in a personalized (and incredibly aesthetically pleasing) format. My favorite feature of the site is “The Top Shelf,” where industry figures divulge their beauty secrets; from products they love, to past beauty mistakes, to their daily beauty regimen, as well as an insight on how they landed their coveted jobs in fashion, beauty, and film. With so many products in the ever expanding beauty market, it can pose a challenge to rifle through which products are truly effective, and which ones are a waste of your money. This personalized approach to beauty comes from those with a true knowledge of the subject.

L’Oreal spokesmodel Liya Kebede sticks by her tried and true Kiehl’s for spots.

Model mama Carolyn Murphy passes on her no-fuss beauty routine to daughter Dylan.

All photos courtesy of Into The Gloss


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