Artists to Watch: Beck, Burg, and the Cinemagraph


I first spotted Jamie Beck’s work in her Cinemagraphs capturing 2011’s Spring Fashion Week, and later, in her photographs for the hair tutorials featured on top women’s lifestyle blog, Cup of Jo. Beck has the ability to capture simple, classic shots, many of which could easily be stills from cinema of the 1930’s. The theatricality of Beck’s photos is the perfect component to Cinemagraphs, a still photo that incorporates minor movement.

Upon earning her photography degree from FIT, Beck’s blog, From Me To You, served as an outlet for her continued work in the medium. Soon after, Beck teamed up with animator (and future husband) Kevin Burg, who had been experimenting with GIFs,  and together they combined their passions for photography and video into the Cinemagraph.

Cinemagraphs are shot in both still and video formats, later edited in Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, and then converted into an animated GIF. Since unleashing the Cinemagraph at New York Fashion Week Spring 2011, Beck and Burg have gone on to work with top companies, such as Tiffany, Google, Christian Louboutin, and Oscar de la Renta. Most recently, they collaborated on the Lincoln heritage Cinemagraphs, featuring a series of loved up couples from the past century in classic Lincoln cars from the appropriate period. Both work out of Ann Street Studio, their studio space in New York City’s Financial District, continuing to push the boundaries of media in the ever expanding digital market.


Old Timey Smoke



Eiffel Tower

Museum of the City of New York



All Cinemagraphs courtesy of From Me To You


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