Former J.Crew Womenswear Designer Launches Solo Line


Following her 11-year career at J.Crew, including her positions as head womenswear designer and in accessories design, Marissa Webb debuted her first solo collection at Spring 2013 Fashion Week. Webb, in addition to president Jenna Lyons, have often been credited for the brand’s reinvention and recent surge in popularity. The collection isn’t a replica of the brand, and whereas Madewell may be considered J.Crew’s hip younger sister, Webb’s collection is more urban and edgy than the two, with no trace of their trademark prep aesthetic. Plenty of menswear-inspired pieces were featured, including a variety of pantsuits (even in shorts!), as well as unconventional silhouettes.  Most pieces came in an array of greens, nudes, and blacks, with occasional pops of brights (neons and watercolor plaids are a highlight). Webb also designed various clutches and a pair of black, ankle strap heels. The 20-piece collection launches this month with prices starting at $400.

L: A mood board in Webb's studio. R: "Willa" pointy toe heels.

L: A mood board in Webb’s studio. R: “Willa” pointy toe heels.

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  1. Delighted to learn about this collection. Thank you :)

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