New for 2013: HBO’s “Girls” Season 2


High school and college are frequently represented, not to mention glamorized, in the media, but what about that rarely-spoken of period of time that exists post graduation? HBO’s “Girls” details the plight generation Y finds in this transition into the real world; from today’s economy, to sexuality, to realistic depictions of various relationships at an age when they frequently experience growing pains. The quirk and charm of the series is thanks in large part to the show’s pack leader, Lena Dunham, who acts as the head writer, director, and executive producer of the show at the mere age of 26. “Girls” is often cited as a cultural phenomenon, and is not surprising given Dunham’s ability to tap into the struggles of  her generation with candor and wit. This is the “Sex and the City” for the younger set, before those fancy jobs, marriages, and true adult responsibilities come forth. As the tagline for season 2 (premiering this Sunday at 9!) states, while navigating this portion of their lives, the girls are “Almost kind of getting it together.”

Various “Girls” links:

Interview with the show’s costume designer.

Lena detailing her relationship with the late journalist/director/feminist/novelist Nora Ephron

…as well as a their conversation on women directors.

How Judd Apatow first approached Lena to collaborate on “Girls.”

Zosia Mamet (“Shoshanna”) on today’s dating world for those in their 20s (yikes!). 



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