Drew Barrymore’s “Flower”: A Celebrity Makeup Brand Unlike the Rest


As someone who has sat in many makeup chairs in her lifetime, starting with her first advertisement at 11 months, Drew Barrymore should know a thing or two about makeup. Barrymore, who counts Gucci Westman, makeup artist and Global Artistic Director for Revlon, as a close friend, spent the last year and a half developing her own makeup collection titled Flower (named after her Flower Films production company), which is now sold at Wal-Mart. Flower consists of 181 pieces, priced from $5 to $14,  including everything from the basics, to the ever popular BB Cream.

In an interview with Into The Gloss, Barrymore states that prestige makeup is “great…but there’s such a discrepancy, formula-wise and financially, between the high and the low,” and she hoped to create a brand with Flower that, although affordable, doesn’t sacrifice quality. Other hopes for Flower are long-term. Barrymore admires the multi-generational aspect of several highly revered beauty and fashion brands (Estee Lauder and Missoni-to name a few), and romanticizes about the possibility of daughter Olive continuing the brand on in much the same way. With the abundance of forgettable celebrity cosmetics lines, Drew’s clear dedication to Flower’s purpose of approachable, yet quality-driven products makes this future plan believable.



Photos courtesy of WWD.com and Into The Gloss


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