A love letter to my sister…

Picture 19

Happiest of birthdays, my Kate! Today (well, at 6:36 and 6:38) marks our 25th year together and you are, by far, the best companion I could have ever asked for. Here are a few twin memories to mark the occasion:

-Knowing, from babyhood to adulthood, that whenever one of us gets sick, the other will inevitably be infected.

-Not being able to enter a store without having an employee ask, “Hey, are you guys twins?”

-Making sure that we are not even close to matching.

-Celebrating the birthday of two little girls at once most certainly resulted in some kick ass birthday parties. I don’t plan on retiring the pinata or that blow-up castle anytime soon.

-Being the only set of twins in a twin seminar freshman year at University of Michigan. Awkward.

-Weekends where we socialize exclusively with…ourselves. Hey, Chloe (our dog) counts, right?

-And lastly: Navigating NYC while pursuing (and now living out-yay!) our dream careers.

P.S. I love you, Kate.

*This picture was taken at the 1989 Rose Bowl and appeared on the front page of The Detroit News. Michigan won 22-14 over USC.


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