Artist to Watch: Boo George

"Nomades." Numero Homme SS 2012.

“Nomades.” Numero Homme S/S 2012.

Boo George may be a mere 32, but can already count i-D, British Vogue, Barneys, and Louis Vuitton among his gaggle of high profile clients. While attending university in England, George, influenced by the work of Jean Gaumy, set out on a trawler on the North Sea to photograph fisherman on a borrowed Pentax 6X7 camera. Post-graduation, George followed  the suggestion of a college lecturer and went in search of assistant work in London, eventually landing positions with the likes of Bruce Weber, Phil Poynter, and Julian Broad. After the completion of this assistant work, including photographing Brad Pitt in Namibia under Broad, George fell into portraiture and took on his first money job capturing diamond miners in Zambia. Although his current focus is primarily on fashion photography, his passion for warzone photography lends his work a photojournalistic (and gritty) touch that contrasts with much of the cookie-cutter work of the industry (this past January he won “The Shot,” W‘s first ever photography talent competition). With clients including the most in demand  stars of the modern age, ranging from Gary Oldman to One Direction, George’s continued use of Middle America and other, somewhat primitive backgrounds, strips his subjects of their glossy veneers, exposing another, more relatable angle of the subject.


"Pastures New." Vogue UK, October 2012.

“Pastures New.” British Vogue, October 2012.

"Glamour Goes Easy." Vogue Japan, June 2012.

“Glamour Goes Easy.” Vogue Japan, June 2012.

"Remember (Walking in the Sand)." Love magazine, F/W 2010.

“Remember (Walking in the Sand).” LOVE magazine, F/W 2010.

Vogue Turkey, April 2010.

Vogue Turkey, April 2010.

"Pike's Progress." Vogue UK, June 2013.

“Pike’s Progress.” British Vogue, June 2013.

One Direction: Teen Vogue's cover boys, December 2012.

One Direction: Teen Vogue‘s cover boys (!!!!!!!), December 2012.

"Cirque Du Chic: Young Hollywood 2012." Teen Vogue, October 2012.

“Cirque Du Chic: Young Hollywood 2012.” Teen Vogue, October 2012.

"Call A Wave." Love magazine, F/W 2012.

“Call A Wave.” LOVE magazine, F/W 2012.

"Country Strong." Teen Vogue, April 2012.

“Country Strong.” Teen Vogue, April 2012.

"On the Road." Teen Vogue, March 2013.

“On the Road.” Teen Vogue, March 2013.

"Michelle Dockery." Interview, November 2012.

“Michelle Dockery.” Interview, November 2012.

Michael Fassbender ("The Charmer." Vogue UK, February 2011) and Gary Oldman ("Dressing the Part." The Daily Telegraph, April 2012.

Michael Fassbender
(“The Charmer.” British Vogue, February 2011) and Gary Oldman (“Dressing the Part.” The Daily Telegraph, April 2012.

Bergdorf Goodman Men (Advertising) F/W 2011.

Bergdorf Goodman Men (Advertising) F/W 2011.

Levi's (Advertisement) S/S 2011.

Levi’s (Advertisement) S/S 2011.

All photos courtesy of Boo’s portfolios on and

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