Burberry’s “Trench Kiss”


Although outwear may be the last thing anyone craves at this point in the year, Burberry’s fall 2013 “Trench Kiss” collection, recently presented at London Fashion Week, is certainly an exception. The incredibly wearable collection incorporates touches that, although daring, are appropriate for the brand’s wide reaching audience. Animal prints (leopard, jaguar, zebra, snake, and giraffe), often placed in a patchwork, feature prominently throughout the collection, including on Burberry’s staple item-the trench.

Various aspects of the past fall collection had a resurgence in the current one, such as the rugby stripe, skirts brought into peplum territory by their protruding pockets, and the it-color of fall: oxblood, which was also updated this season into a red wine hue. If Burberry’s motif from last fall was quirky creatures, this one’s is certainly hearts that were printed on dresses, shirts, and various accessories. Leather with grommet and fringe detail was prevalent, while polished metal could be found everywhere from belts, to bracelets, to shoe buckles, to the neckline on Cara Delevigne’s dress, and even in an imitation animal print.  In an unconventional twist, oversized and rubber elements also made it into the collection, with slouchy trenches and clutches, and sheer rubber on both sleeves and dresses adding further variation to the lineup. The love-themed show was topped off by British songwriter Tom Odell’s rendition of his newest single “Hold Me,” complete with a choir in black Burberry trench coats (seen here).



Picture 5

Picture 2



Picture 1

Picture 6

Makeup artist Wendy Rowe gave models (including Miss Karlie Kloss, above) a glowy exterior with Burberry Sheer Foundation and Burberry Fresh Glow. Inside corners of the eyes and cupid’s bow were touched up with gold-tinged Burberry Lip Glow in “Trench Kiss.” Lips were glossed with Burberry Lip Mist in Nude Honey and nails lacquered with Burberry’s “Oxblood” (courtesy of Style.com).


And the award for insanely gorgeous mother/daughter pair at the show goes to…


Lovely little featurette on the show.

*Photos courtesy of Vogue.com, Style.com, Hollywood.com, Elle.com, and TheTrendReport.gr.



  1. Must Have Boxes · · Reply

    One word: gorgeous!

    – KW

    1. True!! Can Christopher Bailey ever do wrong?

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