Monthly Archives: March 2013

Best of Spring 2013 Nail Polish

Estée Lauder’s Heavy Petals Collection, $20 each. Found here. Nail polish has the innate ability to alter your mood. It’s not surprising that, in the year of the never ending winter, bright colors were spotted as soon as the spring polish collections launched in late winter. This year’s collections are quite literal in their interpretation […]

Nutmeg and Black Pepper Popovers

It seems as though popovers are increasingly used in place of the bread basket. These guys may look tough, but they’re less filling than bread, and oftentimes feature a warm, slightly moist, interior that’s appropriate for both breakfast and dinner. Bon Appétit’s popovers are a stronger variation than the standard, with a good heaping of black […]

Easter Sugar Cookies

What would a holiday be if it weren’t for cookie decorating of some sort? Sugar cookies are such a classic and an easy way to incorporate children into the festivities. For these I used Nigella Lawson’s recipe for “Cut-Out Cookies” from How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking, a […]

Liberty of London for J.Crew

London’s famed Liberty department store has gained notoriety for its graphic prints that have been featured in lines for Target, Hermes, Paige Denim, Nike, and various others. J.Crew, known for its bold patterns, is a natural collaboration for the prints, and these spring florals, which are everywhere from J.Crew’s clothing, to its shoes, bags, and […]

Artist to Watch: Pati Dubroff

Prior to lending her hand to Hollywood as one of its most successful makeup artists, Pati Dubroff, like many makeup artists, got her start working at a beauty counter. After a stint freelancing for MTV in its heydey, Dubroff offered her work for free to modeling agencies and the fashion crowd, leading her to Francois […]

The Silver Palate’s Pasta Carbonara

This recipe, from The Silver Palate, is one of those staples I grew up with, and for good reason-it’s incredibly simple and quick, yet packs the added kick of the eggs. Bacon quantities are subject to change depending on just how much you love it, but pancetta and prosciutto are worthy substitutes. Recipe below the […]

Potbelly’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Although Potbelly may be best known for its sandwiches and acoustic music nights, I’ll always love them most for their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. These cookies lack the biggest offender often found in anything oatmeal-the raisin (sorry raisin fans!), plus they’ve got chocolate chips and the perfect chewy/crunchy ratio. Recipe below the pictures. Enjoy!! Potbelly’s Oatmeal […]