Stud Earrings

Picture 15

I’m not much of a jewelry freak, and tend to find the lazy way out of accessorizing by simply not taking off earrings for days on end. Studs are some of the easiest ways to incorporate jewelry and are virtually interchangeable between outfits. Here are a few of my favorite options for simple, understated, and chic stud earrings. (Above, Steven Alan’s ‘Circle’, $340) and ‘Garnish Gold Line’ studs, $42).

Picture 14

Gorjana’s ‘Star’ studs, $45 (L). Tom Binns’s ‘Voila Puzzle Nail’ earring, $100 (R).

Picture 16

Kate Spade’s ‘Spade to Spade’ (L), $48 and ‘Locked in’ (R), $48.

Picture 15

Gorjana’s ‘Chloe‘, $35 (L). Tory Burch’s ‘Enamel Stud’, $68 (R).

Picture 14

Marc by Marc Jacobs’s ‘Logo‘, $58 (L). Tom Binns’s ‘Tough Chic Studs’, $209 (R).

Picture 18

 Kate Spade’s ‘Skinny Mini’, $48 (L) and  ‘Goreski’, $48 (R).



  1. col2013 · · Reply

    What a fun post! Ecquisite studs!

  2. col2013 · · Reply

    I meant to type, EXQUISITE!

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