Simple Pleasures


NYC in the spring is almost like being on a film set. Industrial scents are replaced by those of flowers, like these magnolia blossoms in front of my apartment.


Gourmet doughnuts from Brooklyn’s Dough, found at Williamsburg’s Smorgasburg market (in hibiscus and dulce de leche), feature a perfect crispy outer layer and plethora of unconventional flavors.

DSC_4260Rifle Paper Co.’s ode to the city via one of its newly launched iPhone cases, $30-$36.

DSC_4282Sunday’s agenda.


Catbird’s “Sleeping Kitty” earrings, $14.



  1. Anjo Angela Lim · · Reply

    (in hibiscus and dulce de leche)

    I need that right now. Sounds amazing. Did you like, squish them together and then stuff them both into your mouth? Cause I probably would have done it. No regrets either. One strange hipster party in ma mouth. Love them kitties!

    1. They are crazy good! They’re monster-sized, so only one at a time, unfortunately :[

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