On Trend: White Heels


White shoes are one of those quintessential 80s style trends that have reemerged in a big way for 2013, often declared “the new nude heel.” Although I associate them with chunky bridesmaid shoes, or paired with calico Easter dresses circa kindergarten, the modern white pumps are versatile and incorporate sleek silhouettes. As Vogue proclaims, “In the late Eighties, to a soundtrack of Madonna’s Like A Virgin, white stilettos became synonymous with trashy mini-skirts and the sort of girls one’s mother referred to as “common”, and that was it – it was all over for the spiked heels in blinding, brilliant white. Until now.” Below are just a few of the fashionistas bringing the trend back into prominence.

Picture 10

Diane Kruger (R) in Christian Louboutin.

Picture 13

Kate Bosworth in Casadei (L), and Blake Lively in Bottega Veneta’s White Wool Crystal Heel pumps (sold out).

Picture 19

Zoe Saldana (R) in Casadei.

Picture 11

Repeat Offender: Kate Beckinsale.

Picture 21The trend also has its place amongst us plebeians, shown here on subjects of The Sartorialist.



  1. Anjo Angela Lim · · Reply

    Yeah, definitely loving the pointed toe high heels. And in white! Such a versatile colour. I saw on Oprah once, like, ten years ago, that pointed toe heels were supposed to elongate your legs and make them prettier or smth smth. I say, true that!

  2. I’ve always loved white heels, so I enjoyed viewing these photos. The photo of Zoe Saldana in the Casadei pair is my favorite, especially with that dress! Ahhhhh, to be young enough to wear these white heels……. and to wear them without ruining your feet with the extreme toe design would be nice too.

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