Homemade Hand Scrub


Numerous remedies for dry skin can be found around the house, from using sugar as an exfoliant, to slathering on greek yogurt as a mask. Martha Stewart’s ‘Home Made Body Scrub’ is no exception, utilizing items you most likely have on hand.


  • Body oil, Burt’s Bees
  • Epsom salt, sea salt, or organic cane sugar
  • 12 oz. PET Jar with cap, sks-bottle.com (different from the one I used).
  • Lemon zest


Combine 1 cup of body oil with 2 cups of Epsom or sea salts or organic cane sugar (depending on how fine a grain you like). Add lemon zest for color and fragrance. Package in jars (plastic is safest by the tub).




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