Sets from The Great Gatsby


With four film adaptations of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novella, The Great Gatsby, already in the can, this fifth adaptation, premiering nearly 40 years since Jack Clayton’s ill-fated 1974 film, may be given the highest degree of critique. Regarding filmmaker Baz Luhrmann’s take, one thing’s for certain: if all else fails, it will be 90 minutes of pure eye candy. Both Luhrmann and wife Catherine Martin are known for their lavish productions, with the oscar-winning Martin credited for production and costume design in the majority of Luhrmann’s films. Gatsby‘s sets are tantamount in detailing the inner turmoils of its star-crossed characters, with possibly none more anticipated than Jay Gatsby’s oppulent mansion on New York’s Long Island. Below are just a few of the 42 sets Martin helped create for the film’s Sydney-based production.

item2.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-08-jay-gatsby-bedroomJay Gatsby’s Art-Deco bedroom.

item3.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-03-gatsby-mansion-exteriorDigitally-enhanced image of Gatsby’s mansion, based on various estates, including Oheka Castle, La Selva, and Beacon Towers, on New York’s “West Egg.”

item5.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-04-nick-carraway-cottage-exteriorNick Carraway, Gatsby‘s protagonist, lives in a more modest abode.

item6.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-05-nick-carraway-cottage-interiorInside Carraway’s cottage.

item7.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-06-buchanan-mansion-exteriorDaisy and Tom Buchanan, often referred to as ‘new rich’, shack up in this mansion, inspired in part by Old Westbury Gardens.

item8.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-07-daisy-buchanan-sitting-roomInterior shot: the Buchanans’ sitting room.

*Images courtesy of Architectural Digest.


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  1. Barbara Paschka · · Reply

    Oh Sarah! This is one of my most favorite movies! I love the pic’s you posted of the setting. Is the latest version already out, or are they just making it? I just finished watching Downtown Abbey on Netflix, and am anxiously awaiting the 4th season. I just bought the book “Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey. I find in all so fascinating.

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