Simple Pleasures


My parents have been in town since this past Saturday to celebrate my sister’s graduation from NYU with her master’s in Sports Business (that’s my Kate!). In addition to the week-long celebration, we’ve been venturing to all those hot spots (and tourist guilty pleasures) that I haven’t yet had a chance to visit on my own. Although New York’s teaming with people, it’s best to explore the sights, sounds, and tastes of this varied city with those I love the most (minus Pippa, who is currently living the life in a luxe doggie hotel-miss you, Pip!)


NYC’s got one heck of a brunch culture, so we stopped by Isabella’s to test out their A+ eggs benedict, waffles, and French toast (the latter being my pick, of course).


Snatched up some peonies for the parents to counter that heaping pile of laundry in the hall.



Endless reams of wrapping paper and stationary line the walls of the Upper West Side’s Paper Source.



Can’t get enough of Bryant Park’s meticulously kept grounds.


Trusty old J.Crew flats that remain in tact despite enduring New York’s manic weather and endless walking.


My favorite cake truffles that my parents brought along from Cake Nouveau in Ann Arbor. Starting clockwise with the pink-raspberry lemonade, chocolate-covered strawberry, vanilla birthday cake (chocolate birthday cake in center), Nutella, and caramel macchiato.


Exquisite post-grad dinner at 21 Club, a former prohibition-era speakeasy.


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