Celebratory Nail Art


Despite the fact that nail art can make me feel like a five-year-old, it’s one of those indulgences that is oddly mood-lifting, and therefore a 100% worthwhile splurge. My sister and I had been to Valley in Soho for their top notch creations, and decided to revisit for her graduation celebration. I went with delicate florals while Kate added NYU icons (Washington Square Park arch, NYU’s torch logo, etc.) and those from her career in NBC’s sports division (the network’s logo, the Olympics, and 30 Rock). For long-wearing polish, it’s best to go with a gel manicure, although reapplying topcoat every two days will lengthen their staying power.



One comment

  1. Barbara Paschka · · Reply

    Hi Sarah, I am really enjoying your website. Kate got a little “publicity” on this one about nail art. :)

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