Simple Pleasures

DSC_6675New fixings in my Upper East Side apt…I mean the Plaza.

Kate’s graduation week has come to a close, and although it’s always difficult to say goodbye to my parents, and to delve back into a more routine everyday life, I’ve been left with many happy memories and am already brainstorming ideas for their next visit. Given NYC’s surplus of dining options, eating out was a major priority (sorry, bank account). We revisited our old favorites, as well as tested out some newer spots we’d had our eyes on, which have supplied me with cooking inspiration and a fuller belly. Here’s a further glimpse at my parents’ visit to the city, mostly featuring…food.


A burger chain that Bon Appétit recommends? Count me in, Shake Shack.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 10.28.18 PM

After months of touting its goodies, I introduced my mom to my favorite store in New York’s five boroughs-Catbird.


One of the world’s most iconic storefronts-Tiffany’s on NYC’s Fifth Ave.


Mister Softee: NYC’s antidote to its notorious summer humidity.


After a rowboat ride (where we saw a couple get engaged!), we settled down for dinner at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park.


Outdoor dining area of the restaurant. Can you spot Waldo (the gondolier)?


Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 2.33.26 PM

Nautical detailing on the restaurant’s exterior.


Our various dinner picks, starting with the boathouse’s jumbo lump crab cake.






Found a new friend in the park’s Conservatory Water (aka model boat pond).


A parents’ trip to the city is never complete without a visit to Sprinkles.


We visited Mario Batali’s Babbo in the spring of 2010, when Kate was gauging NYU’s grad program as an option for her master’s degree in Sports Business. Three years later, and after many, many hours of hard work, we returned for a celebratory dinner. Congratulations, my Kate!


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  1. Sarah, this was a great blog posting. I read about The Boat House in a Victorian Magazine, years ago, and plan to visit there when next in NY. I love the food you chose. Looks so delicious! Your parents must have had a blast.

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