Cherry Bombe Magazine


Cherry Bombe magazine, the food-based brain child of former Harper’s Bazaar staffers, is a seamless blend of food and celebrity,  focusing primarily on the women in the industry. Funded by a Kickstarter campaign (times they are a-changin’), the magazine’s first issue covers all facets of the food industry, from its movers and shakers, to recipes, food-related stories and reflections, and editorial style spreads. Unlike the tendency of food-based magazines to come off as impersonal, generic, (and honestly, a little dry), Cherry Bombe features content direct from those who are changing the face of the food industry, provided in a format that is engaging, insightful, and that alters your approach to food. Cover girl Karlie Kloss’ recipe for The Perfect 10 Kookie, and the complete lack of ad pages are also major pluses :] The biannual magazine is now available worldwide in select bookstores, as well as online (here). Below are a few highlights:






Interview with food stylist Victoria Granof, whose collaborations with the late Irving Penn spanned a decade.


My favorite feature-renditions of meals in literary classics. (L) Catcher in the Rye (R) To Kill a Mockingbird.


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