Stars, and Their Head Shots, Before Hitting It Big

Picture 20

In an industry determined by looks, an actor’s head shot is (unfortunately) key to their success. Originally a fashion photographer, Andrew Brucker transitioned to portraiture after Davien Littlefield, formerly of Elite Model Management, suggested he take the photographs of those in the agency with Hollywood dreams. This, however, was the eighties-a decade in which photography was anything but subtle (remember those laser beam backdrops and Texas-sized hair dos?). Taking issue with this outdated approach, Brucker, aided by his fashion photography background, set out to transition the convention of the head shot, and gained a following with many of Hollywood’s newbies. Brucker’s book, 8×10, includes many of these early head shots, as well as insider scoop on the celebrities before they hit it big. Above: Naomi Watts, 1986 and Chris Noth (aka Mr. Big), 1985.

Picture 21

(L) Winona Ryder, 1986 (R) Alec Baldwin, 1986

Picture 25

 (L) Robert Downey Jr., 1985 (R) Will Arnett, 1995

Picture 22

 (L) Gretchen Mol, 1993 (R) Kerry Washington, 1996

Picture 23

(L) Philip Seymour Hoffman, 1992 (R) Alec Baldwin, 1986

Picture 24

(L) Alexis Bledel, 2000 (R) Kevin Spacey, 1986

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