Hair How-To: Crown of Braids


I’ve essentially had the same plain Jane haircut my entire life, but have always been too busy lazy to incorporate any additional styling. As a kid of the ’90s, Klutz’s Braids and Bows was the ultimate source of hair ideas, yet however much I may love them, I’m afraid those pigtail braids and glittery scrunchies won’t suffice in a business environment. Braids, however, are timeless, and both the blogosphere and fashion world have provided infinite varieties of the style to play around with. Romantic hairstyles, including this crown of braids I attempted from The Beauty Department, can be made either more hippie or milkmaid, simply by altering the width of the braid. See below for instructions!


1. Take a section of hair above the ear (I’d suggest 2″ diameter at minimum, but amount will differ depending on the desired size of the braid) and divide it into two sections. Braid both sections, clip to secure, and repeat on opposite side. (Optional) Loosen the braids for a more romantic feel.


2. Take the braids on one side of your head and cross one over the other, so the one that was once closest to your face is now facing back. Clip the braid that is now closest to your face across the upper front portion of the hair, and secure it with a bobby pin that is close in color to your hair.


3. Repeat with the same front-facing braid on the opposite side of your head, and secure both braids, along their length, with bobby pins, tucking in any loose strands.


4. Take the back-facing braids and secure, or tie them together in the back center of your head. Add a light spritz of hairspray, or more bobby pins, if desired.



  1. Very cute! I have really long hair and usually don’t do a thing with it. This is pretty subtle and super cute! Thanks for the idea!

    1. Haha same here :) Good summer style too!

  2. Barbara Paschka · · Reply

    I am soooo excited to see this post! I love braids and feel they are always a classic touch to any ‘do.’ I have three granddaughters to whom I am going to forward this blog posting on facebook. Thank you Sarah!!!!

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