The Return of the Pantsuit

Picture 24

Hillary Clinton may be in part to thank for the popularity of the pantsuit amongst working women (just look at her Twitter bio). While pencil skirts have their time and place, nothing is as practical as a good, and well-fitted, pair of pants. To display their picks for fall’s trendiest trousers, Vogue recruited supermodel Carolyn Murphy, who pounds the pavement clad in satin tuxedo pants, leather sweatpants, and of course the notorious silk pajama trend that I hope, on behalf of many of us, is here to stay. This resurgence in bold patterns and colors as of late (Miu Miu  and Louis Vuitton’s fall 2012 collections also come to mind) is a fresh way to remix your wardrobe, especially against the background of fall’s muted colors.

Much like the flapper styles of the ’20s, and Dior’s “New Look” (as a response to WWII), pantsuits, which increased in popularity in the ’60s, exude confidence. In order to reach its audience of young working women, Revlon’s 1973 ad for its Charlie fragrance depicted a self-assured, free-thinking woman, who happened to have an affinity for pantsuits (a flared pair in gold satin, no less), marking the first time a woman in pants was featured in a fragrance advertisement. I don’t think Clinton will be spotted in a flower print silk pantsuit anytime soon, although I do anticipate a few brighter workplaces this coming fall.










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