Scotch Tape Manicure


Nothing says “I made it myself” more than Scotch tape. Nail art is notoriously tricky, but tape allows you to revert to preschool days and simply color in a given shape. Although this is my first attempt at the method, and should’ve been a bit more patient in allowing each layer to dry fully (smudge alert), it is an insanely easy way to achieve numerous nail looks. I found my inspiration via this pin (courtesy of Mode Vintage), and have provided step-by-step instructions below to replicate the look.


Pick nail polish according to your color preferences. In this case, I created a base layer with two coats of white polish (Illamasqua in Scorch), later applying one layer of each of the remaining polishes to its specified area.


1. Prep nails with base coat and apply white polish to all nails besides the pointer finger and the pinky.


2. With Scotch tape, partition off the area of the nail you won’t be painting, applying one coat of polish in the same manner you would a normal coat, yet stopping right after hitting the tape.


3. Let nails dry fully and apply second color, sectioning off with tape (if desired). Follow step if any colors remain and apply top coat to all nails.



  1. Very interesting. Another way to be creative :)

  2. I haven’t gotten too brave with nail art because I have such a hard time painting my left hand (I’m left-handed), but the tape method might just work for me!

    1. Haha, this is essentially foolproof, even for lefties :) Just let it each layer dry fully (whoops).

  3. So clever! I really like the color choices you picked. Very cool. :) I think it would be great on toes too…

  4. Love this! Turned out so well. I’ve got some pastel polishes that are dying for color blocking. You’re making me think some zigs and zags ought to be thrown into the equation.

    1. Oooh that would work well with pastels! Let me know how it goes :)

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