National Geographic Turns 125 with Retrospective Tumblr


In celebration of its 125th anniversary, National Geographic has utilized the social media site, Tumblr, to showcase rare, and often never-before-seen images from its extensive vaults. Compiled by veteran photo archivist William Bonner, FOUND spans from the seemingly mundane, to pivotal moments in the world’s history. Below is a glimpse of the archive, which features a daily addition throughout the year.


Bruges, Belgium, May 1955.


Bobbing for apples in Martinsburg, West Virginia, 1939. Third one from the left is a clear Alfred E. Neuman doppelganger.


The limestone cliffs in the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, September 1934.


Attempting to catch a glimpse of the Queen. London, June 1966.


Quintessential ’50s family. Coral Gables, Florida, November 1960.


Giraffes in Africa, May 1910.


Paris, 1935


Drinking from a NYC fountain, July 1948.


Summer in Cape Town, South Africa, August 1953.



  1. col2013 · · Reply

    LOVE these FABULOUS, narrative images! Thank you.

  2. Oh I love these photos. Such amazing moments captured!

  3. I love it! A captivating post. I am so happy to see your feature the 125th anniversary of National Geographic. Classic. I really think everyone needs to be reading your fabulous blog Sarah. Such style and grace.

    1. Thank you-you really are the best! I’m grateful I discovered your blog as well! xx Sarah

  4. Love this! Great post.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!!

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