iPhone Cases for Summer

Picture 61

Just as the summer heat requires switching up your accessories-a hefty leather bag in favor of a straw beach tote, wide-brimmed hat versus beanie, etc.-your phone case is due for a seasonal switch as well. Fortunately, and unlike your typical accessories, it won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Below are a few of my favorite newly released cases, including a few sale options.

First Row, L-R: 1. Lenticular Eyes, Kate Spade 2. Bonjour, Rifle Paper Co. 3. Colorblock-Pink, Julia Kostreva 4. London, Cath Kidston 5. Metallic Heathrow Case, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Second Row, L-R: 6. Ice Cream Sandwich, Crafic 7. Flavors, Kate Spade, 8. Margherita Floral, Kate Spade 9. City of Lights, Rifle Paper Co. 10. Vanity Fair-December 1920, Conde Nast Collection.




  1. I love the Paris cover… indulges my Parisian fetish!

  2. I’m due for a new phone cover soon :) I love the boujour one, as well as the popsicle one!

    1. Yay! My favorites too!

  3. great choices here. I think I need to take my iPhone case a little more serious. My white on white could use a little upgrade. :) I’m thinking…ice cream sandwich?

    1. White on white’s classic, but you’d be sure to get compliments on an ice cream sandwich!

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