Hair How-To: Braided Knot Bun


YouTube hair tutorials are often misleading in that they seem effortless, but often are not. Beauty vloggers are able to seamlessly execute major hair gymnastics while also proclaiming the benefits of Moroccanoil’s latest product launch, or illustrating how Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver has changed their life. Hair expert I am not, thus my disastrous attempt at one of said tutorials resulted in this bun. After a few adjustments to my then-mistake, we have the braided knot bun! As the bun is a result of my lack of skill in hair styling, it is among the easiest of ‘dos you will come across.


Place hair in ponytail and divide into two equally-sized sections.


Braid the section of hair on your right and secure with clear elastic.


Fold your hair once into a regular knot.


Twist hair a bit clockwise so that the un-knotted section of hair is at the top of your head, with strands flowing vertical. Wrap the loose ends around the bun and secure with bobby pins close in color to your hair.





  1. This is such a cute hairstyle!

  2. So pretty and PERFECT for summer sundress outings. Might be sporting this on the 4th of July if it’s sweltering.

  3. Such a sweet and simple way to get hair out of the way during sticky summertime! It looks like we have similar fine hair, so I’ll be trying this for sure!

  4. mingilee · · Reply

    Awesome!!! Just what I was looking for! Thanks~;)

  5. Love this cute bun, bookmarked!

    1. Yay!! Thank you.

  6. I have seen too many you tube tutorials myself and you are right, I can never get it right. This is really cute I’ll try it. My hair is super long (down to my waist) hopefully it will turn out. :) Thanks!

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