Simple Pleasures


Midway through my Ann Arbor vacation, I’m savoring all the nuances of the quaint college town (well, at least until football season starts) that I took for granted prior to moving to NYC. These banalities: repeated treks to the farmer’s market, evening walks with the doggies, and watching The Bachelorette with my mom (why did Des let Michael go?!) are really what I miss most when I’m away. If only we all had immediate access to our families/loved ones, or at least a human-sized underground tunnel system similar to those cash dispenser tubes at banks. (Above: stationary haul at Rock Paper Scissors).



DSC_9742Finds at the farmer’s market.

DSC_9265My patriotic Pippa.


City mouse, Chloe, testing the waters in the doggie pool with help from Kate.


Nutella crepe from Café Zola.


Nothing, even an excessively humid 90 degree day, can stand in the way of me indulging in my favorite hot chocolate from Zingerman’s.


Best.Macaroni.Ever. Eat your heart out, Aziz.



  1. Love your pictures and reminiscing thoughts of home.

  2. great photos! that macaroni looks delicious!!


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