Surprising Summer Trend: Wide-Brimmed Hats


Whether it’s due to the increasing awareness of melanoma, or Coachella’s boho influence on twenty-somethings, wide-brimmed hats have made a comeback. The hats, often deemed matronly or stuck in the ’70s, have seen their share of press, often among the trendy set, from Vanessa Hudgens to boho queen Kate Moss. This is not to say the trend’s reserved for the young and bohemian, however. Pair with a maxi dress like Lily Aldridge (below) or fitted black jeans à la  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Added benefits: hides a bedhead and provides sun protection (just don’t skrimp on the SPF!)

As seen on…

Picture 29

(L) Lily Aldrigde (R) Vanessa Hudgens


Jessica Alba

Picture 26

(L) Miranda Kerr (R) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Picture 27

(L) Kate Moss (R) Angelina Jolie

In the media

Picture 30

(L) Carla Bruni for Vogue Paris. (R) Kendall Jenner for Australia’s Miss Vogue.

Picture 32

Donned by true ’70s girl Drew Barrymore in Lucky and on Vogue-declared Brooklyn girl, Devon Aoki (in front of Bedford cheese!!)

Photos courtesy of Just Jared, Style Bistro, Zimbio, PopSugar, Lifestyle Mirror, and Bedford Cheese on Facebook.

Top photo of Jacqueline Bisset found here.

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