Monthly Archives: August 2013

Emerson Fry F/W 2013

Emerson Fry has got working girl staples down pat. Since launching the apparel portion of her brand in August 2010, her pieces have remained timeless and, while trendy, not in threat of being shelved the following year. Although only select items are currently available for preview (launches 9/10), our first glimpse shows a collection suitable […]

How To: DIY Envelopes

I’ve amassed a substantial stationery collection over the years, and while there’s no shortage of these beautiful folded pieces of paper, they can be quite expensive. Browsing Paper Source this past week, I was delighted to find this envelope template kit, which features seven different sizes of envelope templates, allowing you to pick and choose […]

Best Paraben-Free Facial Cleansers

As tempting as it is to evade the daily ritual of washing your face, especially when it seems to make that extra two minutes separating you from your pillow drudge on on in slow-motion, a nightly cleansing really does carry benefits. Remnants of makeup and oil can clog pores, while environmental elements, such as pollution, […]

Cherry Pavlova

This past winter, I attended a holiday party where, true to tradition, people brought along their favorite dishes to share. Bypassing the fruitcake, I found the pavlova, from an Australian dinner guest, strung amongst the assorted seasonal treats. ¬†Essentially a cake made of meringue, the Australian delicacy is topped with fruit and whipped cream, either […]

Triple Berry Oven Pancakes

It’s always a challenge to execute a food post when hungry. Having the patience to get the right shots means that I normally indulge in a hearty meal beforehand, but luckily these pancakes take mere minutes from start to finish, right about when my hunger pangs made themselves heard. Seeing that pancakes are such an […]

Bugging Out

Creepy crawlies have invaded the fall runways, thankfully in the form of prints and embellishments. In a somewhat contradictory trend, insects have become incorporated into the most elegant of evening wear, including in some of the more conservative, ladylike settings of fashion week, namely Tory Burch, where dragonflies, crickets, and beetles were featured throughout the […]

Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate crinkles, often left out for Santa or handed out on holiday cookie platters, are about as inappropriate for the current weather as you can get. They are, however, one of the quickest fixes once that specific cookie craving sets in, and are neither chewy nor crunchy, but dense with a light cocoa flavor. Recipe […]