Monthly Archives: September 2013

SNL Girls Skit

For all the crap modern day SNL gets for being quote unquote “unfunny,” I have to say they sometimes hit the nail right on the head. That was certainly the case on this week’s premiere episode, with an overdue parody of HBO’s Girls, in which host Tina Fey portrayed the newest member of the bunch, […]

Simple Pleasures

I’ve always preferred fragrance oils to perfumes, which are often headache-rendering, or simply undistinguishable from everything else on the market.  Just last week, Tory Burch released her first fragrance, a mix of citrus, peony, tuberose, and vetiver, a subtle scent with a masculine edge. I imagine it’s what summer air must smell like in the […]

3 Best Hair Oils

Contrary to popular belief,  the words hair and oil are not mutually exclusive. Particularly in a day in which people attack any sign of oil with dry shampoo, adding oil to hair seems counterintuitive. While its popularity is often credited to the success of Josie Maran’s multi-purpose Argan Oil, launched in 2007, beauty oils have […]

From “It Girl” to Author

The term “It Girl” has been tossed around since audiences became smitten with Clara Bow in her lust-worthy portrayal of a shop girl in 1927’s classic film, It. The new generation of “It Girls,” however, has brought about an entirely different sort of star, one that, in addition to talent and personality, is social media savvy, and […]

Berry Loaf Cake

I normally have an aversion to anything fruit-filled. There’s nothing worse than finding cold, gooey blueberries in a muffin, yet, on the other hand, there’s nothing better than a generous dollop of frosting, even on something typically served for breakfast. I’m continuously inspired by Linda Lomelino’s blog, Call Me Cupcake, and couldn’t help but put […]

Simple Pleasures

I have to admit that it took about a year of adjustment before I truly became accustomed to New York. It’s crazy expensive, teeming with people, and incredibly fast-paced, so while it took some time to find my niche (although does one ever find their niche in the ever-changing NYC?), I’m now content with my […]

The Highlighted Face

Of all complexion saviors, highlighting is the sneakiest way to alter your face, making you instantly appear more alert and radiant, even if you are seriously deprived of shut-eye. Many in the makeup world have extolled its virtues-just look to Scott Barnes (the guy behind J.Lo’s signature glow) or YouTube queen Michelle Phan, who created […]