The Highlighted Face

Of all complexion saviors, highlighting is the sneakiest way to alter your face, making you instantly appear more alert and radiant, even if you are seriously deprived of shut-eye. Many in the makeup world have extolled its virtues-just look to Scott Barnes (the guy behind J.Lo’s signature glow) or YouTube queen Michelle Phan, who created a contour/highlight stick for her new makeup line, Em. Alice Lane, however, whose work fills the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Lucky, among others, offers a more low-key, yet no less luminous approach. Taking a tip from artists of another sort-painters, namely Johannes Vermeer and Gustav Klimt, whose works she studies at the Met, Lane emulates their use of light and its effect on the planes of the face on her real-life subjects.  In her  how-to video for Vogue, Lane offers a step-by step approach, including bargain-priced products (Aquaphor!) and expert advice (warming up makeup on your hand prior to application to diffuse its intensity) to get the lusted after look.


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