From “It Girl” to Author

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The term “It Girl” has been tossed around since audiences became smitten with Clara Bow in her lust-worthy portrayal of a shop girl in 1927’s classic film, It. The new generation of “It Girls,” however, has brought about an entirely different sort of star, one that, in addition to talent and personality, is social media savvy, and consequently, very much in control of regulating how she is perceived. Whereas the term was once solely reserved for actresses, the resurgence of the model with a voice and active audience (Cara Delevingne has 1 million + Twitter followers at her helm), coupled with the internet’s obsession with street style, has ushered both models and bloggers into “It Girl” territory.

Two of those most associated with having “It”-tv host/model/muse hybrid Alexa Chung, and Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller blog, release tomes this month* . Both girls, with their approachable, quirky demeanors, conceived notably tomboy style aesthetics that immediately translated with their audiences, consisting primarily of young women. Chung favors overalls and Jane Birkin style bangs, while Medine is known for her fashions that are quite literally, man-repelling. While Medine’s Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls. is more in the style of Tina Fey’s Bossypants, chronicling her outlandish sartorial choices that acted as cruxes in her 24 years, Chung’s scrapbook-ish book, the appropriately titled, It, runs the gamut, from musing on heartbreak, to sharing her doodles, and doling out sought after beauty and  fashion advice.  Social media has allowed us to connect, however distantly, to these women, albeit often at the limitation of 140 character tweets, or blog posts. Thankfully, both Chung and Medine have reverted to less 21st century means to allow us an even greater insight into modern day’s reincarnation of the “It Girl”: witty, bright, internet-friendly, and sartorially-driven.

*Although released earlier this month in the UK, Chung’s It won’t hit stateside until October 29th.



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