Kate Hudson Debuts Fitness Line

Aside from her obvious talent, Kate Hudson is one of those celebrities  frequently tagged as many womens’ “girl crush,” with that amiable girlfriend personality and coveted style that constantly lands her on best-dressed lists. This is the girl who essentially coined the term boho chic, so it seems natural that she’d lend her talents to design, and launch a clothing line. For someone in her position, Kate certainly has access to the best trainers and fitness gear on the market, I really admire her mission to create workout gear (gym, yoga, run, and cycle) that’s “high quality, affordable athletic wear that is also hip. Clothes that women would love wearing all day.”

The Fabletics blog is a component of Kate’s community, designed to provide real  women with motivational fodder to lead a healthy lifestyle-from recipes and styling tips, to the newest fitness craze that actually works. Fabletics is about instilling this way of life to help you get the most out of their products, rather than taking part in a passing fad. Not to mention, this may be the first time, apart from a children’s clothing catalog, that I see models that are both healthy-looking and smiling.






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