Sweater Weather


You know it’s officially fall when you get your first sore throat. Actually, it’s my sister who’s sick, but given the fact that we share an apartment, and now infested air, it’s only a matter of time until I catch it. Minus the commencement of germ season, one of the real gems of fall is finding the perfect sweater. Whether it be trendy, or a classic with a great fit or detailing that’s sure to put it in heavy rotation, there’s a plethora of nontraditional ways to style your sweater this season. My pick, Zara’s angora sweater, may be subtle, but its detailing offers a more delicate take on  the tried and true fishermans’ sweater (thanks, Ernest Hemmingway). Below are a few of my sweater styling inspirations for this season, utilizing the staple in both classic and unconventional ways.

Picture 19

Madewell‘s look book always displays hip updates on staples, this year with a sweater thrown under a jean jacket, or over a button down-a look that made a resurgence last fall. Doesn’t hurt to have a campaign girl as effortlessly chic as French gal Caroline de Maigret.

Picture 21

Don’t be afraid to play with textures, colors, and patterns. These looks are anything but subtle, yet perfectly complement their other half without being overwhelming. via The Sartorialist

Picture 5

Those other sweaters typically reserved for the weekends, touting your favorite sports team or alma mater, can still be a style statement. Scrunch sleeves and keep the look monochromatic (left), or pair with cutoffs and sleek flat boots. via Stockholm Street Style


Embellished sweaters (these are J.Crew) may seem intimidating, but are both casual and dressy. Pair them alone with jeans, or above a crisp, collared shirt.


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  1. Being cozy and warm has never looked so good! I usually dread wintertime, but there are sure some great sweaters and sweatshirts this year :)

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