Winter Skin Essentials

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This past week has seen a sudden shift in temperatures, and with that, a return to chapped skin. In addition to switching over to a heavier moisturizer (and one with SPF), there are two simple ways to prep your skin for unrelenting cold weather.  Exfoliating twice weekly (although varying by skin type and climate) helps to rid your face of dead skin, by both preventing and banishing   clogged pores. This step is particularly important in the colder months as drier skin can lead to noticeably dull, lifeless looking skin.

Laura Mercier’s Face Polish is both a cleanser and exfoliator with beads that slough off dead skin, yet are non-abrasive and won’t harm even the most sensitive of skin types. At-home scrubs, such as the ever popular brown sugar and coconut oil mixture, are effective as well, and while not specifically formulated to skin type, are a fraction of the cost of any facial scrub. On top of my daily moisturizer I use Bobbi Brown’s Extra Repair Moisture Balm for added protection from the cold-a non-greasy balm that instantly plumps skin and provides anti-aging benefits that’s well worth the price tag. For a low-priced alternate, Aquaphor proves true to its multi-purpose reputation, readily healing chapped anything-lips, elbows, cuts, etc.


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