Simple Pleasures (Halloween Edition)


(The only safe way to indulge in candy corn).

Living in the city, I feel so far removed from Halloween festivities, or what I think of as traditional ways of celebrating the holiday. In college it’s a week-long, candy-less party, but truly, kids have it best. The nostalgia of preparing a costume months in advance (thanks Mom!) is not lost on me, nor is the excitement of changing into a teddy bear/Princess Jasmine/pilgrim(what?)/American Girl doll costume halfway through the school day to march in a parade, or enduring a candy hangover the following day. This year we got in the Halloween mood with festive knick-knacks, and may end the night with a showing of the ’90s kid classic, Hocus Pocus (which turned 20 this year!).


Grown-up Halloween garland.


If Halloween cards were as common as Christmas  cards, this would certainly be mine (I call the princess).


First attempt at making the pumpkin muffins I grew up on.


Prettiest mini notebooks from Catbird. Not very Halloweeny, but couldn’t resist.


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