Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy Holidays!

However contradictory this text may seem nestled between photos of presents, I sincerely hope that, above all, your holidays are filled not with material wealth, but with health and happiness. My parents are sticklers to the no presents rule, believing that the most important aspect of any holiday is spending quality time with friends and […]

Tied with a Bow

Catbird‘s always my go-to when it comes to delicate jewelry, but those creative minds aren’t just reserved for hammering out alphabet and first-knuckle rings. Their hair bow, which I have attempted here, is  perfect for holiday outings and parties, and much less sweat-inducing  than the beach waves and upswept hair of other attendees. The bow […]

Yogurt Parfait

 I typically start my morning commute on the ferry with Fage’s Greek yogurt with cherry, and a Ziploc full of granola.  Seeing as Greek yogurt has twice the protein of ordinary yogurt, I find it leaves me energized and feeling full longer than most on-the-go snacks currently on the market. For my weekend (and therefore fancier) […]