Happy Holidays!


However contradictory this text may seem nestled between photos of presents, I sincerely hope that, above all, your holidays are filled not with material wealth, but with health and happiness. My parents are sticklers to the no presents rule, believing that the most important aspect of any holiday is spending quality time with friends and family. Although Kate and I couldn’t resist spoiling them with a few goodies this year, that sentiment holds very true. What I look forward to most before heading back to the city is composed of simple moments: reading The Polar Express, helping my mom make her traditional sausage crepes with sour cream, watching my dogs play together, and shunning the poison that is social media for phone-free time with my parents. Thanks so much for stopping by, and best wishes for your holiday!


Minimalist wrapping completed with boxwood (from the bush outside :) and holly.



Stocking stuffers from Kilwins, a Michigan-based chocolate shop.


Ornaments old and new adorn the tree. This guy’s most likely from my parents’ newlywed days in Rhode Island.


Festive garland that I’ll hopefully repurpose post-holiday.



  1. happy holidays and a happy new year to you and your family!
    xoxo Vera & Rony

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