Monthly Archives: January 2014

Scenes from a Birthday

This past Friday my sister and I celebrated our 26th with an out of town visit from our mom. Although I’ve enjoyed  coordinating small get togethers and dinners with friends in the past, I cherished the quiet time I got to spend with my mom-riding the East River Ferry, hitting our favorite spots (Sweetwater brunch, […]

Individual Chicken Pot Pies

Chicken pot pies are the ultimate comfort food. As much as I once loved to divulge in a calorie-ridden store-bought pot pie, their rich sauce and excess saltiness is no longer worth the stomach ache. Martha Stewart’s February, and therefore Valentine’s Day-themed issue, features small meals intended for couples. Being a 25-year-old with a roommate, […]

Skin 101

Growing up in the ’90s, as a member (yet not a participant) of the tan-obsessed generation, I  was a witness to one of the worst periods in skincare history.  Thankfully, the terrors of tanning are now well-publicized, and the beauty world continues to take added measures in order for their products to protect against the […]