Skin 101


Growing up in the ’90s, as a member (yet not a participant) of the tan-obsessed generation, I  was a witness to one of the worst periods in skincare history.  Thankfully, the terrors of tanning are now well-publicized, and the beauty world continues to take added measures in order for their products to protect against the sun. Aside from SPF concerns, with topical fixes treating only the top 20% of skin, skin health and appearance is largely determined by a proper diet and hygiene routine. Below are a few dermatologist-recommended tips I use on a daily basis.

1. Even in winter, SPF is a vital part of skin care. Sun penetrates clouds and is especially hazardous to those situated near windows and under florescent lighting. Reapply sunscreen, or moisturizer with a hearty dose of UVA and UVB protection (like Clinique’s Superdefense SPF 25 moisturizer, above), about six times a day.

2. Picking at pimples may not only exacerbate the problem, but permanently enlarge the pore. Only pick at blemishes that have risen to a head with a Q-tip, starting from the pimple’s outer edge.

3. Alternate pillowcases nightly to their opposite sides to prevent against pimples. Fabric holds onto oils, allergens, and makeup remnants that can clog pores so, as with bedsheets, wash pillowcases weekly.

4. Sugar leads to enlarged pores and wrinkles. For glowy skin, be sure to a substantial amount of water (2.7 liters for women, 3.7 for men) to flush out impurities.

5. Over 90% of aging is attributed to sun exposure. Any sign of a tan means you’re not adequately protecting your skin. Switch to a higher SPF or reapply more often (every 40-60 minutes).

6. It may not just be those new-job nerves. Changes in environment, including switching to a new office, can cause skin disruptions, from breakouts to more serious issues. Talk with your dermatologist regarding the proper treatment for your specific skin concern.


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