Monthly Archives: February 2014

Beauty Trend: Hair Perfume

I normally have an aversion to fragrances. Unless in oil or solid form, I find them somewhat cloying and resultantly, difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. That being said, I typically count my more subtle-scented soap/shampoo combo as my fragrance, and leave it at that. Unlike perfume, however, these scents typically leave hair […]

Double Chocolate Muffins

When it comes to chocolate muffins, no one had Zacques beat. Unfortunately that is a “had,” as in Zacques closed its doors around 20 years ago. In the time since that last bite, I have not been able to find a muffin comparable to theirs-neither to moist nor too dry, or too overladen with chocolate […]

Eton Mess

Many of my favorite chefs have concocted variations of the Eton mess, a traditional English desert comprised of meringue, whipped cream, and summer fruit of their choosing, each adding their own spin on the dish. Apparently, the Eton mess originated in the tuck shop of Eton, the famed boarding school that calls Prince William, Benedict […]

To Tommy, From Zooey

Each season on Fox’s hit show, New Girl, a select few punchlines are directed at Jess, Zooey Deschanel’s character, poking fun at the media’s heralding of Deschanel as the queen of quirk, an implication she strays from. While much of her success has been built on her so-called quirky characteristics-her wit, offbeat sense of humor, […]

Simple Pleasures

Bryant Park looking regal despite the slush. My sister, Kate, works in the same hall as SNL, and this guy (Pierre) was in residence for a taping this past Thursday. You can see him make his debut appearance in host Melissa McCarthy’s monologue! With the last-minute nature of the holidays, my family typically makes gingerbread […]