Garance Dore for Rifle Paper Co.


Part of me embraces the increased communication that social media offers, yet I often wish for more one-on-one interaction rather than through a box that emits light. In this yearning for a more tactile nature of communication, I’m incredibly grateful to Rifle Paper Co., which I’ve developed a borderline obsession with (as seen by just some of my stash, below). I was positively giddy upon the reveal of a collaboration with the brand and Garance Dore, a fashion blogger and photographer I follow religiously, and whose fashion illustrations I’ve often lusted over. The two have formed a recently released collection complete with cards (and sets) and various other stationery goods. Here are a few items I’ve collected from the collaboration, as well as a video of their Google Hangout discussing the project. You can buy the items through Rifle Paper Co., or through Garance’s store, here.


 ^^^Current collection^^^





One comment

  1. Lovely collection of cards!
    I agree, sometimes we just want something authentic from our friends and family like a hand written card.

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