Read an Excerpt from Lena Dunham’s Book, Not That Kind of Girl!


It’s been two years since Lena Dunham’s book deal (for a reported $3.6 million) was first announced. As the writer/director/producer/actress of HBO’s critically acclaimed Girls, a TV series strewn with witty, thoughtful dialogue that deconstructs struggles all too familiar with those of her generation (job hunting in a down economy, dating in a social media-obsessed culture, etc.), the book’s release is certainly causing a buzz. With Dunham acting as the 21st century’s answer to a feminist icon, Not That Kind of Girl has been constructed in the press as this generation’s answer to Helen Gurley Brown’s feminist manifesto of sorts, 1962’s Sex and the Single Girl. While the book won’t hit shelves until September 30th, The New Yorker has published an excerpt from the book, based on Dunham’s early experiences with therapy, in anticipation of its release. Click here to read!



  1. Ack, I love this!! Great blog as well! <3


    P.S. I also have a Lena Dunham post today ( :-)

    1. Hi Emory,
      Thanks so much-that really means a lot!! Oooh love the Lena post-guess I’ll have to follow Girls on HBO.

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