Skip the Heels: Brogues Are Fall’s Hottest Shoe


However much I admire heels, I don’t find them conducive to real life, regardless of the fact that I may sit at a desk the majority of the day. Thankfully, one of the season’s biggest trends, men’s inspired shoes, falls right in line with my desire for comfort in many stylish (and unclunky) options. Of the brogue styles, the oxford is the first to have creeped back into women’s closets about three years back, for which I partially blame Taylor Swift, who’s now partial to the heeled version, as evidenced below! Now, nearly every  brogue style has been given a feminine twist, complete with a slimmer silhouette and added flounce, including the more elaborate perforations. I’ve slowly been collecting the shoes in preparation for the upcoming season, snapping up the white wing-tipped oxfords (above) at a J.Crew sale this past spring, and a bargain-priced Monk style through Topshop.

In terms of styling, the shoes aren’t restricted to suiting, with boyfriend jeans and above-the-knee skirts offering versatility to the style. The more elaborate the detailing on the shoe (think patent finishes or tassels), the easier to meld into dressier options, yet they easily transition to more casual styles, like the  leggings and skinny jeans spotted on the street style subjects (below)!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 5.35.21 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 7.00.22 PM

(L to R):, T Magazine,

Taylor Swift photos courtesy of



  1. Love these shoes!

  2. Love these. I wear my little oxfords everyday for a reason.


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