University of Michigan alumnus, now in Brooklyn, working on the editorial side of a women’s magazine. Holdsworth & Walter (derived from family names) is a compilation of my interests, from beauty and fashion trends, to food, decorating, and anything in between that captures my attention.

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  1. Hi! Wow I love this blog its so cool! Such a nice read! I’m still really new at this but would love it if you’ll go check out my blog as well and maybe give it a thumbs up or follow :)

    1. Sure-I’d love to!

  2. Nice blog! Also, I was the managing editor of a small magazine for a number of years. If you ever need any advice on breaking into the business, I’m happy to chat!

  3. we love your photo here, really beautiful!

    1. Thank you! It’s on the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn.

  4. Love your blog, will definitely stop by here again. How did you do the snow effect?! Love it!

    1. Thank you! For the falling snow, go to settings>general, and then click the “snow” option at the very bottom of the page.

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