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Step Up Your Ponytail Game with These Styles

I’m always searching for easy ways to update my hair. Most days I’ll wear it down or in a ponytail…in other words, I’m in dire need of a hair switch-up.  Fashion Week is nearly halfover, providing us with plenty of inspiration for warm weather hairstyles or simply, plenty of new braids and ponytail ideas. I’ve […]

How the Sun Sees You

Daily sunscreen application is one of those rules often preached but commonly abandoned. Its resulting effects, while not immediately visible to the naked eye, can be drastic. Artist Thomas Leveritt took to the streets of Manhattan with a UV light to show passerby the underlying damage to their skin, and the resulting video is enough […]

Back from Hiatus!

I’ve been abandoning this blog since mid April with no excuse other than the most overused exclamation of the century-“I’m busy!” I started a new position this past spring, yet having been longing to get back on this site with regularity. That being said, I promise to squeeze in more posts than the zilch of the […]

J.Crew’s Beauty Secret Revealed

I’m in continual amazement of J.Crew and their output of gorgeous editorial content. From styling to art direction, their catalogs and advertisements have an incredibly detailed and timeless quality that speaks to the essence the of the brand. The pared down beauty of the models, who seem to wear only concealer and a swipe of […]

Beauty Trend: Hair Perfume

I normally have an aversion to fragrances. Unless in oil or solid form, I find them somewhat cloying and resultantly, difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. That being said, I typically count my more subtle-scented soap/shampoo combo as my fragrance, and leave it at that. Unlike perfume, however, these scents typically leave hair […]

Skin 101

Growing up in the ’90s, as a member (yet not a participant) of the tan-obsessed generation, I  was a witness to one of the worst periods in skincare history.  Thankfully, the terrors of tanning are now well-publicized, and the beauty world continues to take added measures in order for their products to protect against the […]

Tied with a Bow

Catbird‘s always my go-to when it comes to delicate jewelry, but those creative minds aren’t just reserved for hammering out alphabet and first-knuckle rings. Their hair bow, which I have attempted here, is  perfect for holiday outings and parties, and much less sweat-inducing  than the beach waves and upswept hair of other attendees. The bow […]