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The Best Costumes from the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

This Saturday, the Lower East Side’s Tompkins Square Park hosted its 24th annual Halloween parade for the city’s furriest residents. With this being my fifth fall in the city, I was adamant to go, so I packed up my camera and dog (clad in a giraffe costume), and headed to experience first-hand what may best be […]

Back from Hiatus!

I’ve been abandoning this blog since mid April with no excuse other than the most overused exclamation of the century-“I’m busy!” I started a new position this past spring, yet having been longing to get back on this site with regularity. That being said, I promise to squeeze in more posts than the zilch of the […]

Simple Pleasures

Cafe Colette’s French toast in roasted nectarine and white wine sauce is by far the best I’ve ever had, and therefore served as my Saturday and Sunday brunch. Bakeri, a tiny artisanal bakery nestled in a North Williamsburg neighborhood a few blocks from mine, certainly made me glad I had scheduled a SoulCycle for the […]

Simple Pleasures

Bryant Park looking regal despite the slush. My sister, Kate, works in the same hall as SNL, and this guy (Pierre) was in residence for a taping this past Thursday. You can see him make his debut appearance in host Melissa McCarthy’s monologue! With the last-minute nature of the holidays, my family typically makes gingerbread […]

Simple Pleasures

Hidden garden at Caprices by Sophie, right off Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Varieties of Sophie’s Magic Choux. After three years in this city, I finally saw my first Broadway play, 700 Sundays. Billy Crystal’s one-man show, about the 700 Sundays he was able to spend with his dad, was, like all work of Crystal’s, […]

Simple Pleasures (Halloween Edition)

(The only safe way to indulge in candy corn). Living in the city, I feel so far removed from Halloween festivities, or what I think of as traditional ways of celebrating the holiday. In college it’s a week-long, candy-less party, but truly, kids have it best. The nostalgia of preparing a costume months in advance […]

Simple Pleasures

I’ve always preferred fragrance oils to perfumes, which are often headache-rendering, or simply undistinguishable from everything else on the market.  Just last week, Tory Burch released her first fragrance, a mix of citrus, peony, tuberose, and vetiver, a subtle scent with a masculine edge. I imagine it’s what summer air must smell like in the […]